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Our Garrison 1976 single, You Opened My Eyes b/w It's In De Blood.
Our Garrison 1976 single, You Opened My Eyes b/w It's In De Blood.








garrison: the 45rpm single
Even though the single is covered in the main Garrison section, it really deserves it's own section, so here it is. To recap:

Fall, 1976: At this point, we looked at our group finances and decided that we didn't have the money to actually produce an album, so we reworked our strategy and decided to release a 45 RPM single instead. We'd put out an album later (or so we thought); we'd name it Garrison's Landing. We even had the front and back cover artwork ready; Joe's talented brother Bill had generously created it for us (at left). Anyway, it was a lot cheaper to put out a single and we had eight completed tracks to choose from...we could put it out now. We picked Dan's You Opened My Eyes for the A-Side; we all agreed that it seemed to be the most "commercial" of the batch. My reggae-ish It's In De Blood was the choice for the B-side. After mixing-down these two tracks to half-track stereo, we were finally ready to slap these babies on vinyl!

I called Chuck Cameron, who had mastered Fohhoh Bohob, and told him that we could afford to produce about 300 singles. The company he used for pressing them was not particularly hip; inexplicably, they reversed the stereo channels and used small, 33-1/3 RPM sized center holes instead of the normal, large 45 RPM sized holes. We didn't think it was a big deal at the time (since we couldn't afford to fix it, anyway), but it proved to be pretty irritating later on; the first time the single got radio airplay, the DJ played it at 33-1/3 until the vocals kicked in. Apparently, that happened a number of times in various places. Not particularly auspicious.

As the Saints had done with Fohhoh Bohob, we gave the Garrison single out to everyone. This time, however, we made sure that a number of radio stations all over the country (and world, for that matter) got copies. One of the first to play it was WRNW-FM, a local station in Briarcliff Manor, NY. The Program Director (who was, by the way, "Shock Jock" Howard Stern, and treated us very nicely) gave it his blessing for airing; a wise man! DJ Meg Griffin played It's In De Blood one night as I was driving home alone from a rehearsal...I almost drove into a tree! Definitely one of the cooler things to happen to me. Garrison continued to perform to support our single all over the tri-state area, but not much seemed to be happening...

You Opened My Eyes (Dan Brown)
©1976, all rights reserved, Karmic Birdsongs/BMI
Produced by Eric Bergman and Garrison

Recorded in the Summer/Fall of 1976, only 300 of Garrison's single were pressed. Considering that we produced and distributed it ourselves, the record got a fair amount of airplay in various parts of the country (and beyond). This bite is from the A-side of our single. Of all the original tunes that Garrison had to choose from, we all felt that Dan's You Opened My Eyes had all of the ingredients for a "hit." Given the proper exposure, who knows? Here, you can listen to part of the bridge and the chorus, which should give you a taste of its catchy, upbeat feel.

Joe Ivins: drums
Eric Bergman: bass, harmony vocal, tambourine
Dan Brown: 6 & 12-string guitars, piano, lead vocals

It's In De Blood (Eric Bergman)
©1976, all rights reserved, Chorksongs/BMI
Produced by Eric Bergman and Garrison

The flip-side of our single. We picked Blood because we felt that it's reggae-like feel was a good juxtaposition to the "straight-ahead" feel of You Opened My Eyes. It also helped that both songs were under 3 minutes...not many of our originals were. This bite is a couple of seconds longer than usual...I just didn't have the heart to cut off the last note! Perceptive fans will note that It's In De Blood ended up on my 1978 solo album Modern Phonography.

Joe Ivins: drums, percussion
Dan Brown: bass, percussion
P. Lynn Radok: harmony
Eric Bergman: guitars, percussion, lead vocals

Late 2005: Over the years, I've had a number of requests for copies of our Garrison single. As with the Patron Saints' Fohhoh Bohob LP, the 300 copies pressed are scattered in various places around the globe. I've yet to see one for sale on eBay (or anywhere else, for that matter). I personally have only one copy intact; I have two others, but ages ago, I glued them to a piece of plexiglass and framed them, with Side A on top and Side B on the bottom. I used plexiglass because the vinyl used on the single is a very cool blue/lavender color, and I wanted to be able to see through them in the frame. In any event, here's a large version for you to feast your eyes upon:

The A-side of Garrison's 1976 single.


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