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Here are a bunch of links
to people, places and things that I find somehow inspirational, interesting and/or compelling...


TeleModders, The Fender® Telecaster Lovers Modification Site, is a support group for those of us who love Telecasters and love to make them our own. Leo's design was simple absolute genius…but some of us just can't leave well enough alone and modify them to fit our needs and our personality! We're attempting to collect as many of these Tele mods as we can on this site...let us know what you've done to yours!

    Boogie '99
The Boogie started as a party in 1992 and has since evolved into a way of life. It preserves one of the vanishing musical genres, "the jam session." Musicians, family and friends gather from all over the country (and world, for that matter) to participate. Check out original Patron Saint drummer Jeff Alfaro's comprehensive online guide to The won't be disappointed!

Kweevak's Tracks
Kweevak’s Tracks is an international music promotion web site with thousands of site hits every month. They attract music fans from around the world to their site by featuring great new music and awesome classic rock links. They offer promotional and advertising services on their website to help musicians with CD’s get exposure for their music.
Thomas Hartlage's incredible site will  introduce you to new releases of psychedelic music, soundtracks, exotica and other cool items. You'll find high quality re-issues never seen before (voted by many collectors and dealers as the best re-issues ever). Beautifully packaged and only on vinyl (180 gram. audiophile pressings) and in 1998 on CD format as well. The soundtracks and exotica releases are available on both formats. A must-visit!


Don Grossinger
Don Grossinger is passionate about mastering. He has been mastering music and cutting records for over 20 years. His projects have charted on many Billboard Magazine charts and have won RIAA gold records and Grammy Awards. Oh, yeah, and he mastered The Patron Saints' latest CD, Time and Place.


Stanton Park Records
Aram Heller's Boston area label focusing on '60s reissues as well as modern garage/psych bands mostly from the Boston area. All releases are available on vinyl. Vinyl Injections is the mail order wing of Stanton Park: over 2000 45s, LPs, and CDs are available from this online catalog. Garage, psych, punk, alternative, Boston area bands, one-of-a-kind sales, etc. You can browse the categories, search for a particular record as well as order online.


Arf! Arf! Records
Erik Lindgren's long-lived Boston record label has an astounding catalog of rare, one-of-a-kind LP's and CD's from the 60's and beyond! Arf! Arf! markets all of it's products via a mail order catalog; web users can request a catalog which will be available by email or snail mail.


Chris Kubie/Earthweb Music
Here's the place to go to peruse the musical offerings of Chris Kubie, composer for film and television, and Earthweb Records.


Strawbs Web
Dick Greener has produced this remarkable site which covers all aspects of one of my favorite all-time groups. If, for some bizarre reason, you're unfamiliar with the Strawbs, check this site out immediately!

    The Maddy Prior Internet Pages
Eduardo Moto's amazing site dedicated to Steeleye Span's Maddy Prior, one of my all time favorite groups/vocalists. It's a public service to anyone interested in knowing more about Maddy and her music.

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