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Eric Bergman's 1998 solo albums CD case

Eric Bergman's Modern Phonography LP covers.

Eric Bergman's Sending Out Signals LP covers.
The covers for 1998's solo albums CD (top), 1978's Modern Phonography LP (middle) and 1982's Sending Out Signals LP (bottom).


eric bergman: a retrospective
This is the place to find out about
my past, present and future solo work, which include sections for 1978's Modern Phonography, 1982's Sending Out Signals, and the CD reissue of Modern Phonography and Sending Out Signals together. You can check out what's in the package here.

Thomas Hartlage, host of and graphic artist/music purveyor extrordinaire, has released Pepperisms Around The Globe, an LP and CD set of 18 amazing songs with 55 minutes of Pepper-style original music from around the world recorded in the late 60´s. To the left, you can see the unbelievable recreation he did of the original Sgt. Pepper cover; of course, every person on the cover is different from the Beatles' version! As an extremely flattering surprise, Thomas included me on the cover! I've enlarged the picture so that you can see it better. Actually, there's also a picture of Thomas as a young lad; he's to the right of Jane Fonda, right below the tip of the blimp. The collection is truly should indeed check it out.

Pepperisms LP cover.


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