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Patron Saints Mini-Reunion :
Millwood, NY, June 30, 1978

Here are a few true rarities to start off this section...

Back in June of 1978, we held a summer Garrison BBQ/performance in Millwood, NY. Original Patron Saint/Fohhoh Bohob co-writer/performer, Jon Tuttle, who was making a rare visit east from Texas, was in attendance and eventually, our "gig" morphed into a mini-Patron Saints reunion, which I recorded, of course. Jon, Joe and I hadn't played together as a trio in about eight years, so what follows is totally unrehearsed, but will give you an idea of how our Hendrixian roots never left us...

1. Come On (Part One) (Earl King)

Eric Bergman: bass
Joe Ivins: drums
Jon Tuttle: guitar, lead vocal


2. Purple Haze/Manic Depression (Jimi Hendrix)

Eric Bergman: bass, harmony vocal
Joe Ivins: drums
Jon Tuttle: guitar, lead vocal


3. Foxy Lady (excerpt) (Jimi Hendrix)

Eric Bergman: bass
Joe Ivins: drums
Jon Tuttle: guitar, lead vocal


In The Mourning :
Evolution of a song from 1970-2005

I thought it might be interesting to see how a song evolves over the years, and for this little experiment, I've chosen In The Mourning, a song I wrote and recorded back on, of all days, Christmas, 1970, and then follow it up to it's latest incarnation of the new Patron Saints' Time and Place CD. As I've mentioned elsewhere on the site, the gruesome subject matter of the song was inspired by a screening of the movie Dawn Of The Dead. All of the songs below are their full-length versions...

1. In The Mourning (first demo) (Bergman)

This first version was recorded with my brother, Tom (who often helped me on my early demos), on December 25, 1970. It certainly has its initial creepiness intact! In retrospect, there appears to be a strong Led Zeppelin III influence on this recording.

Eric Bergman: guitars, vocal
Tom Bergman: kazoo, tambourine, maracas


2. In The Mourning (The Latimer Sessions) (Bergman)

The second version was recorded with the Patron Saints for The Latimer Sessions in 1971. A tad less creepy and a bit more "rock-y".

Eric Bergman: 12-string guitars, lead vocals
John Doerschuk: piano, lead guitar, vocals
Kirk Foster: bass, kazoo, vocals
Joe Ivins: drums


3. In The Mourning (Garrison) (Bergman)

The third version was recorded as a live demo with Garrison in 1979. By this time, the song had evolved into an all-out high energy assault, shoving the creepiness factor way down. At this point in the song's timeline, the lyrics also received a much-needed "facelift," as it were.

Kevin Brennan: drums
Roy Ellingsen: lead guitar, harmony vocals
Dan Brown: bass, harmony vocals
Eric Bergman: electric 12-string guitar, lead vocals


4. In The Mourning (Time And Place) (Bergman)

And last but not least, here's the newest version as recorded by the Patron Saints on our new Time And Place CD. Personally, this is my favorite of all of them, because it strikes the balance between power and mood I heard in my head when I first wrote it so long ago...

Eric Bergman: acoustic and electric 6-string and 12-string guitars, mellotron, percussion, vocals
A. Jeffrey Alfaro: drums, percussion

John Doerschuk: piano
Kirk Foster: bass
Roy Ellingsen: lead guitars


Stuart Shea performs 'Do You Think About Me?' (Bergman)

Stu Shea, Chicago native, rock 'n' roll and baseball expert/fan extraordinaire (and Patron Saint fan!) sent me a great audio clip of him singing 'Do You Think About Me?, a cut from Fohhhoh Bohob. Here's Stu's explanation:

The circumstances: I played this at an ensemble performance-slash-party at a friend's house in early 2008 as part of an improvised skit entitled "The Folk Cave." In this skit I played a washed-up, geeky folk singer hosting a community access TV show, with everything he did undercut by anger and frustration about his failed career. Despite using a somewhat over-nerdy voice, I tried to play the song as straight as possible, because I love it--but messed up some chords and a couple of lyrics. Maybe someday I'll do it better...

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