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The sad, sad story of the Patron Saints 1968 breakup. Little did they know...>>







the patron saints: a retrospective
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Byram Hills Chronicle masthead
Patron Saints Break Up

by Linda Beauchamp

April, 1969
Three years ago, in the fall of 1966, a group of boys got together, formed a band and called it the Patron Saints. The four* members were Jonathan Tuttle, Bruce Miller, Jeff Alfaro, and Eric Bergman. In those three years of performing in the Armonk, Pleasantville and Chappaqua area, they have built up a tremendous following of dedicated fans and friends.

Their last engagement was on November twenty-second when they played the Student Council dance, White Rabbit, here at Byram Hills. Last known as Fribberrabbit**, the group has since broken up. It is not necessarily unfortunate, for the four members have now gone on to bigger and better things.

Bruce Miller, who was the group's organist and lead vocalist, is now studying at Columbia University in New York City.

Jeff "Drummer" Alfaro, a very talented percussionist, appeared in concert with Chris Kubie at Horace Greeley High School on January tenth and eleventh of this year. Chris, who has played with the Patron Saints occasionally and plays organ and piano, wrote and arranged the entire concert which was recorded and may be released some time in the near future.

Many of you have probably been privileged enough to hear Jonathan Tuttle, a senior at Byram Hills, who is aiming for Harvard after graduation, play at The Condition or in study halls. A very fine musician, especially on guitar, Jonathan is now quite involved in writing and arranging with another former Patron Saint, Eric Bergman, a Scarborough graduate, who is now attending the New School for Social Research.

Ultimately, they want to write and record twelve to fourteen songs and perform them in concert. They have already completed six and are trying to have them copyrighted. The boys' first professional recording session was on Monday, February third.

Jonathan has also performed a few of his and Eric's songs at the Byram Hills Folk Club Concert on February sixth and at The Condition on Friday, February fourteenth. He received a very enthusiastic reaction form both audiences.

*For some unknown reason, original member Frank Stapleton, rhythm guitar, was left out of this article. I assume it was because he had quit the band by then.

**This name change was suggested by a friend of mine from college who had manager aspirations. Needless to say, he didn't get the job.


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