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Sending Out Signals LP label.
Sending Out Signals LP label.







eric bergman: sending out signals
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As with the Modern Phonography section, a number of international collector catalogs have listed Sending Out Signals over the years. Some of the historical information (initial numbers pressed, year released, worth, etc.) is inaccurate in some cases; here are a few:

As part of Eric Bergman's exhaustive overview of his gentle but continual ramble through rock and roll life over the decades, the double-CD package of his two solo albums from the late seventies and early eighties lives up to the extensive work he did for various eras of the Patron Saints, not to mention Garrison. Garrison features throughout the first solo album, Modern Phonography, released in 1978 and including the song that would be Garrison's own sole release during its lifetime, "It's In De Blood." Bergman's ear for playful arrangements is evident throughout Modern Phonography, a brisk folk rock album that Dan Fogelberg fans of the time might have found too spiky and most incipient new wavers too mellow, a record that finds its own logic. Sending Out Signals, surfacing four years later, embraced said new wave in its own understated way — graphics feature computer typography and punch cards — and is definitely a crisper, punchier album all around, as reflective of an older generation's embrace of newer possibilities as everything from the Police (a definite role model for songs like "You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat It Too") to Steve Miller showed around the same time. A slightly thin sound throughout betrays the low-budget circumstances but Bergman and his collaborators give it all a fair bash and he sounds in fine voice. Each disc on the reissue contains a variety of bonus tracks, with the Modern Phonography cuts reaching back almost five years previously to include otherwise unheard songs via solo demos like "Borrowed Time" and "Fish Out of Water." The Sending Out Signals extras similarly reach back a touch, with a Garrison version of the title track recorded in 1979.

Ned Raggett
March, 2008

ERIC BERGMAN-Sending Out Signals (Patron Saint '82) This is one of two solo LP's by Bergman, the Patron Saints's brainchild. Kind of progressive garage sound with a tuff punk edge with that eccentric vocal style of his. The real gem here is a solo tune by him on acoustic guitar, and a real lost, introspective, quirky ballad called "Back Then" that harkens to Fohhoh Bohob. Interesting gtfold cvr, w/insert. $90.

ERIC BERGMAN, Sending Out Signals (Patron Saint '82) Second solo LP from Patron Saints brainchild. Retains the quirkiness of the Patron Saints, but goes more into progressive folkrock with subtle acid leanings. The few previous copies copies I've had came from Bergman himself, but I found this one out in the wilds, which blows my mind, since only 100 [500, actually] were pressed. Has an insert. $60.

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