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Modern Phonography LP.


Eric Bergman: first recording EVER!!!

I found this and just HAD to post it, no matter how embarrassing it is. Sometime back in late 1959/early 1960 or so, my father brought home a "state-of-the-art" Dictaphone, a device that captured sounds on a thin, green plastic record. I was captivated by it, of course, and it obviously triggered my interest in audio recording. Since the only instrument I played back then was trombone (and pretty lamely, I might add), that is what I chose for my recording debut. So sit back, click the player above, and listen to what can best be described as an ailing, flatulent duck; me, in my first audio recording ever, "performing" Pop Goes The Weasel on the trombone. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Eric Bergman Spotlight 107 Appearance:
WRNW-FM, October 29, 1978

©1979, 1997 all rights reserved

Spotlight 107 was a WRNW-FM radio show devoted to showcasing local tri-state musical talent. This particular appearance occurred just a few months after the release of Modern Phonography and generated a fair amount of interest. All Men Are Brothers is here in its entirety as it was broadcast that evening.

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Joe Ivins: drums, tambourine, clapping
Dan Brown: bass, harmony vocals
Eric Bergman: guitars, vocals, clapping



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